4 foreigners among 7 convicted of supplying drugs: NDPS Jail

Drugs are a topic that has been raising ears since forever; anyone involved in drug distribution is bound to appear on the police’s radar. A new phenomenon is that Africans trafficking drugs in wholesale in India is on the rise.

Jail in NDPS Cases Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali (Punjab & Haryana)
Jail in NDPS Cases Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali (Punjab & Haryana)

The legal issues involved in this case basic cliché styled, the same way most of drug traffickers and possessors. A police checkpoint by is setup, upon seeing the police, the suspect turns around and tries to flee. Police notice the avoidance, stop and search the suspect and find drugs. Interrogation of the suspects leads to the hierarchy of dealers. The basic bollywood scene from Hello Brother.

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News Article Facts:

                3 male (Nawabojie, Luke, and Usta Ogwona) Africans were sentenced to 10 years each and fined 1 lakh each, the female African (Hellina) was sentenced to 5 years and a Rs. 25000 fine. Their 3 indian accomplices (Rajwant Kaur, Simran Kaur, and Amrinder Singh) received 4 years in jail with a Rs. 50000 fine each.

                On March 25, 2017, a police check post near Amar Hospital, Sector 70, Mohali was setup, and when the police signalled a car coming from Chandigarh, the driver disobeyed and turned around to flee. Upon interception of the fleeing vehicle, 250 grams of heroin was found with the trio. During interrogation on March 27, Amrinder revealed Nawajobie from Delhi as his dealer. Nawabojie possessed 750 grams while Hellian possessed 250 gram, both were arrested from Delhi on March 28. Nawabojie helped police arrest Usta Ogwona on April 4, 2017, 1 kilogram of Heroin was found when the police raided his house in Delhi. Later on April 7, Luke was arrest with 500 grams in his possession.

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Charges Applicable:

                Even though the news article only states the NDPS Act, specific sections are usually not stated because all the sentences under all sections do not differ much. The NDPS Act has many sections relating to specific drugs, but a proper general assumption would be:

In the Section 2 (definitions) of the NDPS Act, clause (xi), Heroin is considered a “manufactured drug”, an opium derivative. Furthermore, clause (xvi) (d), ”opium derivative” includes diacetylemorphine, also known as dia-morphine or heroin.

Section 8 (Prohibition of Certain operations) of the NDPS Act covers sale, possession and manufacturing of any drug under the Act.

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Section 21(Punishment for manufactured drugs) of the NDPS Act states the punishments as:

Section Quantity Jail Sentence Fine
21 (a) Small Up to 1 year Up to 10,000
21 (b) +Small –Commercial Up to 10 years Up to 1 Lakh
21 (c) +Commercial 10 to 20 years 1 to 2 lakh

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Drugs seem to keep coming, and the more the newspapers publish about them, the higher the number of cases seem to rise. Drug addicts continue to put themselves in a position that could get them arrested, since Section 8 of the NDPS Act also includes users of the drug, and Section 27 of the NDPS Act explains the punishment for the consumer of drugs reaches from 6 months to 1 year in prison with a fine of 10,000 to 20,000 rupees.

If you or anyone you know is involved with using and consuming drugs, a jail sentence is not the only end result. The government has approved De-addiction centres to prescribe opium derived medicine which help control horrific withdrawals. Visit the nearest De-Addiction centre for release from illegal drugs to help stop funding the terrorists who push this drug into our country.

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