Trust, Insurance Firm told to pay 4 lakh to patient for medical negligence.

Doctors have the utmost respect in society; sometimes they have the power to save a person’s life. Doctors know this very well and this knowledge has implications on their ego and personality, that when they make mistakes, they tend not to acknowledge the mistake and deny any wrong doing, but reports and documentation do not lie.

Medical Negligence Case in Chandigarh Punjab Haryana against Doctor
Medical Negligence Case in Chandigarh Punjab Haryana against Doctor

Legal Issue Involved:

                A doctor, officer of law, and even lawyers have the responsibility to render competent service whatever the payment for the service is little or a lot. If the doctor was purposefully not giving his best experience when the situation called for it; a deficiency in service can be stated. If the doctor did not have the exact experience to conduct the operation, but still continued to do so (for whatever reason); then negligence is the factor.

News Article Facts:

In the district of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar (Nawanshahr, Punjab), the Guru Nanak Mission hospital and Educational Trust in the city of Banga admitted a patient, 65 year old Kaushalya Devi from village Ladhana Jhikka in SBS Nagar. After consultation for the stomach pain she was having, the hospital’s doctor, Dr. Pritampal Singh, advised a minor operation that would cost Rs. 10,000. Devi’s uterus was to be removed and during the procedure, her urinary bladder was negligently damaged. She was referred to IVY Hospital which suggested she wait six months to recover so she can have one more operation.

The hospital party plead to the District Consumer Complaint Forum that the complaint is not maintainable since there was no deficiency in service on their part. The hospital also plead that they were covered by the United India Insurance Company. The doctor had conducted an operation on July 17, 2019 on the basis of an ultrasound generated on October 2018 (8 months prior). The forum ruled that Dr. Pritampal Singh was not serious about human life and did not conduct the necessary tests just before the operation, but used outdated, obsolete tests.

Hence, The Guru Nanak Hospital and United India Insurance Company were ordered to jointly pay 2 lakh as compensation and 1.89 lakh for expenses to the patient.

Legal Stand Point:

                The name of Guru Nanak in the hospitals name removed the doubt of whether doctors in this hospital are good or not out of the patient’s mind. How this doctor got his degree and whether he is up to the task of actually taking care of patients is up for debate. There should be a formal inquiry to see if the doctor is capable of operating of patients based on his merits or his physical condition; could he see properly when operating or is he a real doctor who did not just buy his medical degree.

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