Women cops save 91% marriages on the rocks

Even though no person intends to engage in a relationship and witness any type of harm from either parties; the wife usually ends up on the receiving end of the stick. Domestic violence happens for various reasons; some may be small reasons and some may be big.

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Legal Issues Involved:

                Domestic Violence reports have been made from the wives of abusing husbands and the relatives on the grooms’ sides. The general police protocol is to file an FIR without prejudice and bias and not to self resolve offences. Since women have been considered an inferior gender for many years (more so; generations) by the opposite gender but the democratic system has gone out of its way and passed laws to give them full rights and more(and benefits of doubts) to balance the scale of injustice.

A Women’s police station in Chandigarh has taken pre-measures pertaining to the court processes. In a way it may be a good thing that disputes are being resolved in police stations (Panchayats try to accomplish similar tasks) but there are negative consequences also.

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First: What the News article states;

                Domestic Violence complaints are definitely on the rise, as the police station’s statistics state, and so are the police in-station resolved matters. FIR’s and Arrests’ numbers vary as they normally would, since these things are unpredictable in a functioning society. Exact statistical details can surely be viewed and the news article column included states exact numbers but upon some median calculations, we can presume that approximately 200 complaints a month. Most cases are related to domestic violence and dowry harassments by in-laws.

The women police station has also acknowledged of non-compliance by the parties (which party directly refused to comply was not stated) after promises of keeping the peace between the parties that had previously compromised.

The DSP of Women and Child Support Unit (WCSU), Charanjit Singh Virk has said it is their top priorities to counsel with full transparency, and have the parties reach an agreement and resolve their dispute. Their police station has one woman SHO and 50 other police women.

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The Legal Stand Point:

                The women’s police station has taken up the role of marriage counselling psychiatry. On a positive note: more married women feel safe they can approach a police station run by women to complain. Matters are being handled behind closed doors and spared from the public awareness, burying the chances of humiliation in some matters. Actually, resolving matters behind closed doors can have its drawbacks; clandestine compromises, bribery, extortion, and coercion can fly under the radar.

Who is the say the women police officers have not coerced the couples not to go to court? Do the police actually have discretionary powers to psychiatrically evaluate the married couples (or anybody)?

The women’s police definitely have experience in these matters since they see thousands of these types of cases. Depending on the severity of the hurt or damage caused during the violence, too little or too much should determined by the courts and not by the police station.

                Immediate resolution is a blessing and court proceedings cannot rule as fast as one likes, but if one person is right, he/she should not be afraid of coming to the courts. If the domestic matter does go to court and a compromise is reached, a compromise quashing is not discouraged; decongesting the courts of unnecessary cases is encouraged.

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