HC notice to Govt on petitions seeking quashing of 2018 FIR

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Chandigarh High Court Quashing of 2018 FIR Kotkapura Violence
Chandigarh High Court Quashing of 2018 FIR Kotkapura Violence

News Article is stating:

                PHHC, on Wednesday (the wed before the date of this article) gave the Punjab government a notice on the pleas seeking quashing of 2018 FIR for Kotkapura Violence. The Punjab Government has until April 1 to give a response.

The petition was filed by now retired Rashpal Singh, who was injured in the clashes. Sub-Inspector Gurdeep Singh was named as accused in the Kotkapura firing incident. Along with a quashing plea, it is also plead that the 2015 FIR be transferred to the CBI. They have claimed the 2018 FIR’s challan was handled by the Special Investigation Team (SIT), who approached this matter with a biased manner against senior police officers, suppressing real facts.

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Petitioners argued that the August 7, 2018 FIR for the same incident where an FIR registered in October 2015 is patently illegal as Ajit Singh, who is the complainant in the Latest FIR, never made a complaint to the police. They are arguing that the first FIR has already been registered and the second FIR cannot state the same facts.

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Legal Stand Point:

                First information reports are being filed multiple times on the same issue and it is causing pressure and confusion. At the same time it is causing two government departments (the CBI and the SIT) to feud amongst each other that the involved policemen have become bystanders in their own case.

                The petitioners are stating that the SIT is hell-bent and suppressing evidence, which is a serious obstruction of justice allegation. The petitioners should have presented the suppressed evidence in court instead of just alleging that accusation, the case would of proceeded further. Instead the HC is demanding a response from the Government of Punjab.

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                The news article is extremely vague, the case may be in a chaos and the journalist who wrote this article is failing to explain an order of the facts of this case. Ajit Singh was a complainant in the latest FIR; the petitioners claimed he never made a complaint. There is either missing evidence in this case or it is purposely being suppressed.

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Further details about this case is needed before even trying to grasp the state of this case.

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