Kamra sends IndiGo legal notice, demands 25Lakh for Mental Pain.

                Purchasing an airline ticket to go places is a privilege, as is acquiring a driving license to drive a vehicle. The same way people are sitting in a car, conversations are bound to occur. Airplanes are a very difficult business to operate; Vijay Malya’s Kingfisher Airlines permanently parked its fleet. Thus Airlines are force to cramp seats together for more customer volume; the complete opposite of social distancing. Many people will inevitable speak to each other regardless if it is necessary. Temperament of some individuals may not leave the conversation to end in a positive tune.

Legal Notice for Mental Pain Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Zirakpur
Legal Notice for Mental Pain Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Zirakpur

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Legal Issues Involved:

                Two individuals had come across each other on a flight and their confrontation was not a pleasant one. Both individuals were high profile members of society; the Airline’s unnecessary intervention between two passengers was unprecedented, especially when neither party did not complain nor request the airline crew for any assistance. The Airline’s ban on Kunal Kamra cause mental pain and agony due to the illegal, arbitrary and high-handed decision. Their confrontation on the flight was video recorded by phone and a viral phenomenon amongst Indians and Kamra also performed a stage comedic act clarifying the encounter.

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News Article Facts:

Kunal Kamra is a renounced Indian comedian and Arnab Goswami is a journalist working for Republic TV. Later on, Kamra was banned from IndiGo flights and the aviation minister advised other airlines to impose similar restrictions on the comedian without specifying the reasons and the duration of the ban. Tata group airlines are reviewing the matter but damage has been done, Kamra’s lawyer has issued a notice to IndiGo requesting 25 lakh and a response within 1 week.  IndiGo’s CEO admitted that the exchanges amongst the two passengers did not merit an intervention by the Airline.

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Legal Point of View:

                Kunal Kamra was wise to consult his attorney, who is trying to save everyone’s time by trying to settle this matter before going to court. IndiGo Airlines definitely has the right in awaiting the decision of the courts before paying but their admission to the unnecessary intervention looks negative. The high profile of the passengers made newspaper headlines and did not favor IndiGo. Harrassment and Mental Pain can never be justified.

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The courts will make an example of the Airlines for abusing passengers as if they were not important. A regular Indian citizen may not be entitled to exactly 25 lakh but Kunal Kamra’s airline dependency to travel national plays a factor in the demand. A regular citizen could have waited for the ban to uplift before traveling by air again but it still does not give the airlines the right to abuse their discretionary powers and checkmate a common person.

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