Khattar’s election challenged in HC

                Being a candidate for public office elections are a totally unpredictable turnout. Candidates need to be recognised in the jurisdiction they are trying to affect; marketing and advertising is an expensive ordeal nonetheless. Many candidates will host rallies to involve their supporters and receive contributions for promoting themselves but what happens when not everyone is willing to contribute to a candidate? The candidate may have to spend money out of his own pocket for his own candidacy.

Election Challenge Petition in Punjab Haryana High Court Chandigarh
Election Challenge Petition in Punjab Haryana High Court Chandigarh

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Legal Issues involved:

                The state elections for the positioning of CM (Chief Minister) draws state-wide attention; there are millions of people in each state. For example: if 28000 people each contribute Rs 50 to Rs 150  (an average of 100 per person) to the rallying candidate to show their support then the marketing budget reaches 28 lakh; a safe presumption of what current CM Manohar Lal Khattar showed as his October 2019 marketing expenditures. Since many people are only supporting politicians for some form of personal gain, contribution is seldom. Many election candidates bleed money out of their own pockets to win, opening up the possibility of corruption for reimbursement; because the 5 year term of a politician’s income may not measure up to the marketing expenditures.

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News Article Facts:

                Ramesh Khatri, petitioned to the PHHC (Punjab and Haryana High Court) to disqualify CM Khattar as the Rs 28 lakh declared during the CM Khattar’s campaign is ludicrous. Four Offices and 5000 people were employed for his campaign and those expenses have been excluded. Government Machinery was used to ensure Khattar’s re-election victory. Allegedly, references were made by many leaders and Khattar himself; stating that exact expense details were not submitted. The matter was taken up at PHHC on March 27 by HC Bench of Justice Jaishree Thakur. Haryana AG (Attorney General) and AAG (Additional Attorney General) are representing the CM.

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Legal Stand Point:

                Hiding money never looks good and raises suspicion even if the money is legally obtained and/or spent; even donations need to be accounted for and this was the concern raised by the petitioner  Ramesh Khatri. Whether this petitioner was filed with genuine concerns or not will be revealed upon judgment by the PHHC but in case the petitioner looses the case, it opens up the door to disaster of Ramesh Khatri being sued for defamation by the CM.

                CM Khattar’s re-election only shows his popularity with the public regardless of how much money he spent on his campaign. It may or may not be that his previous term as CM resonated positively with the public and expenses on his campaign were limited; he may have thought the chances of winning the election were rare. The CM will most likely make a statement to clarify the situation, until then, everyone interested in this matter will follow up.

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