Amritsar ESI Hospital Medical Superintendent Chargesheeted for absence from duty.

                There once was a time in India when people thought that getting a government job appointed would mean the ends of their worries; getting paid non-stop and absence whenever. Unfortunately this corruption still lingers in many Indian nationals psyche; abuse and misuse of a government officer’s position is definitely not a new concept to India. Such concepts still overrule some people’s judgments till this day; where people wish to get a government job because of rain storming bribes. On the other hand, many uncorrupted officials will not stand for it.

Chargesheeted from Being Absent on Duty; Legal Advice
Chargesheeted from Being Absent on Duty; Legal Advice

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Legal Issues Involved

                Having a government job is a blessing as is but when that person is absent from duty when not justified; it can never look good. One complaint from anyone will raise eyebrows somewhere up the superior ranks and a surprise visit from the superior would be of no surprise. The absent officer must inform his superiors of his absence and whereabouts not because of duty alone, but also for security and/or insurance liability purposes; what if the absent officer is hurt off site without anyone knowing the status? He would most likely be untruthful to prevent waving the rights to his benefits; and corruption would pursue.


News Article Facts

                Punjab Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu, along with civil surgeon Dr Prabhdeep Kaur and Senior Medical Officer (SMO) of Amrtisar civil Hospital Dr. Arun Sharma paid a surprise visit to ESI Hospital after many complaints, and the Medical Superintendent (MS) Dr. Prempal Singh was absent without any notification; all employees of the hospital were unbeknownst of the whereabouts of the MS. Only the SMO of ESI Hospital claimed that the MS was at a conference in Patiala. The chargesheet was unavoidable since the Hospital’s protocol was purposefully unfollowed.

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Legal Stand Point

                The government of Punjab has rules in place that explain the exercise of their authority; namely the Punjab Health and Family Welfare Technical (Group B) Services Rules, 2015. In matters of misconduct, rule 7 explains discipline, punishment and appeal. It clearly states that the rule 5 of the Punjab Civil Service (Punishment and Appeal) Rules of 1970 (with amendments from time to time) explains the authority’s protocol. The same rule also gives the accused official right to file an appeal if he/she feels the judgment was unjustified.

Even though the MS has declared justification for the absence and is willing to resign if found guilty of misconduct, protocol will be follow as the rules of the Punjab Civil Services Rules and the matter is yet to be concluded. All persons of India have a right to a fair trial and appeal if necessary, the truth is yet to be revealed. Fortunately, when any matter reaches courts, it is made public record and the public will know the result.

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