Karnataka HC cancels Bail to Nithyananda in 2010 rape case.

                The law in democracy labels people as innocent until proven guilty and bail is set as collateral to ensure the appearance of the accused; to prevent people from absconding. Every person dressed as a prison inmate looks guilty prejudgment, so release before trial gives equal opportunity to prevent biases. Then there are people who will post a bail bond just to get out of jail and flee because they might just be guilty, but that action will permanently deny bail in the future and declare the absconded accused as a proclaimed offender. Some criminals will give up all their assets for their freedom just to start anew; a little money for bail is just another minor inconvenience.

Cancellation of Bail by High Court in India
Cancellation of Bail by High Court in India

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Legal issues involved:

                A high profile person does not have the right to commit a crime as much as any other person who has been granted equal rights but high profile individuals also have the means to post bail bonds to fight their case unlike regular citizens. Amongst all the crimes taking place, the closest people the offender are the star witnesses holding the case together. They can either make or break the case.

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News article facts:

                Nithyananda is a self-styled god-man was granted bail in a 2010 rape case and a petition filed by his driver (Lenin Karuppan) requested the Court to cancel his bail since Nithyananda has fled the country. The Karnataka police are stating that his whereabouts are not fully known; hence the failure to serve a notice to the god-man attending a spiritual tour. Apparently, Nithyananda was able to exit the country with an expired passport; he has been absconding since 2018 and the bail bond amount has be forfeited. Kidnapping, wrongful confinement and child abuse are other charges filed against Nithyananda by the Gujarat Police.

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Legal stand point:

                The Indian police will have a hard and prolonged time getting Nithyananda back into India, but upon locating his whereabouts, the information can be relayed to the nearest police that his entrance into their country was illegal; permanently halting his movement until the Indian police negotiate extradition. Countries do not like foreign criminals entering their country illegally and holding that person in their country will incur unnecessary burden of cost; deportation is inevitable after he is tried for the laws broken.


                Running from the law is a self declaration of guilt; hence the meaning of proclaimed offender. If and when Nithyananda steps foot on India soil, he will be apprehended immediately since the cancellation of his bail by default triggers a nationwide lookout notice.

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