In this post we will discuss about online UK based phone scammer who defrauded a Indian driver of 14 lakhs.

UK fraudster cheats driver of 14 lakhs.

Drivers falls for courier con, lost 14 lakh borrowed from kin.  

This story was about the driver who borrowed money from his friends and relative to help an cancer patient from the UK make donations only to realise after a while that so-called let physiotherapist was a fraud who left him poor by rupees 14. 62 lakh.

UK fraudster cheats driver of 14 lakhs.
UK fraudster cheats driver of 14 lakhs.

A driver who borrowed money from his friends and relative to help an allergist cancer stick and patient from the UK patient, How it started was with a phone number , Sadhu Singh Rana a resident of sector 21 whole lives in the servant quarter of a house in sector 21 received in a message in may when he dialed the number. a woman introducing her self as brenda kawa of the UK answered claiming to be suffering from cancer and admitted at a hospital Rana said she wished to donate money among the poor and needy people in India. She told Rana she is sending rupees 1.5 lakh to distribute among the poor. Then he received a call on May 18 the called introduce himself as representative of Delhi based courier company and said he had received a call from the UK but Rana has to pay rupees 48700 online as a fee to get package released. The accused provided him a bank account number and Rana deposited amount. The Accused again called him and asked him to deposit rupees 1.60 lakh for preparing documents from United Nations the accused provided him different account numbers and demanded money as income tax and money transfer tax. in total

Rana deposited 14.62 lakh between may 18 and July 27 for releasing the 1.5 lakh when the accused demanded more money Rana finally realized that something was a mess and demanded his money back however the mobile phones of the accused was switched off and after realizing he filed a complaint to SSB public window.


This Incident was very harsh as on the name of donation a person had to loose his approximately 14 lakh rupees as in COVID-19 times people have came with different methods of doing cybercrime and taking money from innocent one, one

should be very careful when talking to unknown regarding money or while sharing account details with someone else. The person realized something is not well but till that time it was too late. It should be a lesson for everyone.


As for now the cyber cell registered a case and is security sizing bank account in which the money was deposited

This post was written by Bharti Verma

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