Banks are a vital cog in the development and progress of the nation. They owe a big responsibility to nation and it’s citizens.

But often the banks become complacent and misuse the trust given to them.

One such case is this. Read the story.

Consumer case Against Bank
Banks Deficient in Services

Bank ought to have given up the Registry papers once the loan was over but they didn’t.  It was only when they were before consumer court, they realized the mistake.

But one has to pay for the deficiency and this time it is bank only. 75 k for deficiency in services, 25 k for Harassment and mental agony and 10 K for litigation cost. They surely deserve it.

The biggest bank in the country shown what rightly needs to be done for a customer by District Consumer Court Chandigarh.

A senior citizen was left disappointed by the banks and how he made them pay is an inspiring tale for consumers out there.

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