There is not even a single day when you don’t hear a story on rape in newspapers. It is just happening every day or may be an hour or may be at the moment.

Rape sees no age bar. Humanity has gone down to a new low and we all are witness to it.

But Rape on pretext of marriage is different.

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Rape on False Promise of Marriage
Rape on False Promise of Marriage

To show Rape, the victim should be able to prove that there was a false promise /assurance by accused of marriage on behest of sexual relationship and the later he turned his back to the girl.

Rape and Refusal to Marriage
Rape and False Promise of Marriage

The way society is changing and more and more couple test compatibility before marriage, these cases have become frequent.

The case becomes worse when the boy shares videos and pictures of the girl bringing disgrace to her.

But law is definitely on the right side where it gives protection to innocent and punishment to guilty.

Though it is to be proven in the light of given circumstances and situation whether sex was done with or without consent.

Also at the outset, consent would be of no help to the accused if promise of marriage was a hoax or a flat lie.

If the consent is given voluntary knowing well that the person can’t marry , then there is no question of a rape.

Whereas if the consent is placed on a misconception of fact, it is well within the ambit of Rape.

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So it’s not easy to be free from clutches of law.

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