It is so frustrating when you have to miss your flight , train, bus, cab or by whatever mode  of travel due to delay and you can’t reach your destination.

Even though there are reasons beyond the control of these operators/providers but a responsibility ensues to them for giving an advanced information to customer for a delay or detour.

This is what exactly happened with the senator of Punjab University who has to miss his train owing to delay caused by the Air India flight.

People hesitate to come to Consumer Courts but when they do, relief is guaranteed for sure.

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Flight Missed Complaint to Consumer Complaint
Consumer Complaint Against Airline

In the judgement,  airline is asked to pay the cost of alternate arrangement that was chosen which was cab@3500, then penalty 3k and further litigation expenses of 3k.

Though the award is modest but still deterrent for travel operators who take customers for a ride.

The entire schedule has to be changed when flights or bus operators don’t inform the customers about apprehended delay well in advance.

If the right info reaches the customer in nick of time, his interest can also be protected along with that of travel operators.

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