Over the past decade, Smart phones revolutionized our lives in many ways. Every person Children/ youngsters/ old ones are now used to it. Every year new smart phones are launched by different companies with new features which become center of attraction of the consumers.

But, when you buy an expensive smart phone and found it defective and company refuse to repair the phone, it can cause huge monetary loss. But now electronics companies can’t refuse to repair and if they, then they have pay compensation to the consumer.

As  Ludhiana District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum order to Samsung India Electronics Private Limited to pay to consumer for a damaged mobile handset.

Consumer Complaint against SAMSUNG INDIA ELECTRONICS
Consumer Complaint against SAMSUNG INDIA ELECTRONICS

Let’s see the facts of the case:

  1. Gurwinder Singh r/o New Janta Nagar, Gill Road, Ludhiana, on 4 dec 2018 filed complaint against the company that failed to repair his mobile set despite the insurance cover of one year.
  2. On 24 Aug, 2017 he purchased Samsung Mobile Handset of model ‘C7’ with one year warranty and also on Aug 2, 2018 he got extended the insurance by paying a sum of Rs.2, 030. But phone have ‘hang’ problem.
  3. He repeatedly files complaints about this problem but the mobile manufacturer and the retailer delayed the matter continuously and did not repair the phone.
  4. The complainant claim Rs. 25,000 the handset price, a compensation Rs. 50,000 for mental agony and harassment and also expenses of litigation of Rs.11, 000 and also alleged that it was a manufacturing defect.
  5. The company alleged that the complaint had been filed by the complainant with the mischievous intention of unjust enrichment.
  6. Complaint is filed only to abuse the company and also complainant not got the permission of Consumer Forum before filing the complaint.
  7. They also alleged that there was no manufacturing defect but complainant had been mishandled the phone.

After hearing the both sides, the forum observed that defect in the mobile developed on Aug 13, 2018, after more than 11 months after its purchase. So present fault can’t be a manufacturing defect and defective handset is with the manufacturer or its service centre, it is ordered that Samsung India Electronics will pay 25,000 Rs price of the handset to consumer with compensation for mental agony of Rs.4, 000 plus Rs. 4,000 for litigation expenses.

So, one should insure their phone after purchasing the phone. It will help you in your case ,if any incident like this occurs in your life.

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