Public servants are required and expected to discharge their duties with acute sense of integrity, fair practice and objectivity but also there are certain people who do not subscribe to afore said requirements and instead indulge in corrupt evasive action but only to be caught by the long arm of law.

Jail in Prevention of Corruption Act Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali
Jail in Prevention of Corruption Act Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali

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As in a recent case , the special CBI court Chandigarh pronounced guilty and sentenced a former employee  a clerk working in Chandigarh Municipal  Corporation’s Fire Department , three years of imprisonment for demanding and accepting bribe of 3000 Rs. in lieu of clearance of medical reimbursement bills .

The accused Sudhir Singh , was convicted under sec 7 and 13 (d) of the prevention of corruption act by the court of Dr. Sushil Kumar Garg  and was also imposed fine of 30000 which was paid by him and released on bail earlier.

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The said case pertains to an instance of demand of bribe in year 2013  when CBI arrested the erring employee Sudhir Singh , on the complaint of one Kulwinder Singh , working as a fireman in Fire department of  Chandigarh Municipal Corporation . The complainant has stated in his complaint that he submitted some medical bills amounting Rs.17086 for clearance and re-imbursement of the expenses incurred on treatment of his mother Kaushlaya Devi. The concerned file was pending before the accused Sudhir Singh , the dealing hand who was working as a billing clerk and despite repeated requests and persuasions , the accused didn’t initiate required action and on October 17,2013 demanded bribe of Rs.3000 to clear the medical reimbursement file . Aggrieved and unwilling to pay the bribed sum, Kulwinder Singh approached with a formal complaint to appropriate authority , Central Bureau of Investigation which laid the trap against the accused at his office at Sec. 17 where the accused was caught red-handed while accepting Rs.3000 as bribe money. The accused was arrested.

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The accused through his counsel pleaded that he is being falsely implicated in the case and had never made any demand as bribe for clearing of bills. But the court rejected the arguments and agreed with the submission of the prosecutor of CBI that prosecution has proved the allegations through witnesses and the accused must be given exemplary punishment so that it sets an example for others that anyone who is sitting in public posts if  found indulging in corrupt practices  would be dealt sternly in accordance with law.


 Taking leniency in such matters is totally undesirable and would undermine the basic tenets of Honesty and Integrity required by people working on the public posts. The court while relying on arguments and evidences produced before the court held accused guilty and handed over three years of imprisonment to the convict.

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So any one who is found wanting in public bribe, is meted out the required quantum of penal action.

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